Dynamic Internet Solutions Kampala IT Service Co.

Dynamic Solutions

About Dynamic Solutions

Dynamic Solutions is a Kampala based IT Services Company and subsidiary of Country Wing Group of Companies.

We specialize in providing IT solutions to meet our clients’ needs from small to medium sized businesses. We have over 15 years of experience bringing Microsoft technologies to the Central Coast for a diverse range of clients including: Real Estate, Construction, Medical, Education, Government, & Emergency Services. We love Start-Ups too!

We do provide cable internet services to homes and companies/offices

Our services include:
* Office 365 Migration Services
* Virtualization Migration Services
* System Center Management
* Unified Communications
* Fixed Price Managed IT Support
* Server/Network Troubleshooting and Repair
* Backup and Disaster Recovery

Also provided by this business
  • computer networking services
  • office productivity suite software
  • information technology services
  • information technology consulting services
  • information security services
  • business process integration
  • virtual private network services
  • network monitoring services
  • pc operating systems (software)
  • server operating systems (software)
  • network administration services
  • local area networking services


Call to speak to an Internet Expert and Microsoft Solutions Advisor Today! +256 775 259917

Plot 29A Nasser Road Muzza Printing Industry Arcade 1st Floor


Dynamic Solutions

dynamicsolutions@countrywinggroup.com    dynamicsolutions2015@gmail.com



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